Flash Mobs

Join us as we DANCE to the OBR anthem,

Time to refresh your moves!  Do it from home (watch below videos); get together with a friend; join one of our refresher sessions; or jump in on a scheduled flash mob and Wing It with us!  Stay posted to this page or join our Facebook Flash Mob group page for details on upcoming Flash Mobs!  Organize a Flash Mob performance in front of your house, at the mall, downtown … Just Do It!  You are not limited to Petaluma!

Flash Mob attire:  we’re asking you to wear black with red/pink/fushia accents.   If you choose, you may purchase 1 Billion Rising or our V-Day Petaluma OBR t-shirts.

Questions? GuidedToSafety@gmail.com

.* * * * *

Flash Mob Lessons & Practice
with Gretchen, Marilyn & Ronda


Location: Fitness Revolution
 1320 Industrial Avenue, Suite L

Sun. 1/25, 10-11am
Wed. 1/28, 7-8pm
Sat. 1/31, 1-2pm
Mon. 2/2, 7-8pm
Sun 2/8, 10-11am
Wed 2/11, 7-8pm

Upcoming Flash Mobs

Sat, Feb 14 …

as part of the North Bay walk in downtown Petaluma,
as well as the North Bay indoor event in Santa Rosa!

 * * * * * *

We ARE taking
flash mob requests
from businesses and events.

(NOTE: donations for dancing always accepted;
payable Guided To Safety)

* * * * * *

Debbie Allen doing her own choreography …

MIRRORED version (you may find this more helpful during the learning process):

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