Sign Up to ({V})olunteer!

     One Billion Rising North Bay and V-Day Petaluma are a series of volunteer-driven events to raise awareness and end violence against women and girls.  From flash mob dancers to OBR event organizers, to cast members, producers, directors, technical crew, sponsor solicitors, counselors, photographers and so much more.  Understanding the diverse background of all involved, we seek to promote a safe environment for all to participate.  We look to involve all who are interested in participating.


Rise & Walk!

Volunteering: design the walk route, crossing guards and more!  Contact us at

Rise & Dance!

Volunteering: contact us at or 707-565-2693


The Vagina Monologues

Proceeds will benefit Guided To Safety.

Volunteering: cast (readers), publicity/promotion, solicitor of sponsors, graphics, technical (audio, lighting), and so much more!  Contact us at

Make a Difference – Join Us!

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