by V-Girls at the East 15 Acting School at the University of Essex

I can be emotional.
I have female intuition. I can read you.
I can have multiple orgasms.
I can cry and laugh at the same time.
I am fluid…physically, mentally and emotionally.
I love saying “vagina” and I love talking!
I love the importance of female bonding.
I love my breasts and they are mine!
I can wear skirts and trousers.
I can feel EVERYTHING.
I can enjoy sensuality.
I get to decide when, where and how we’re going to make love.
I can give birth.
I can write poems to guys when they are spitting just to say “I like you”.
I can dress up, put on make up and still have a great brain!
Nothing beats sisterhood!
I like being able to cry and be emotional, at every opportunity.
We are capable of everything.
I love my curves!
I can adapt to any kind of environment.
I love being passionate.
We are funnier.
I can create anything – from art, to life.
I have fluidity and beauty.
I am “cosmically aware”!
I can cry and be strong.
I am connected to my emotions.
I love being sexy.
I can create options and possibilities.
I find solutions.
Empathy and compassion live in my heart.
I love and trust the power inside me.
I can change the world.
I can run the world.

About One Billion Rising North Bay

A grassroots movement to raise awareness to end violence against women and girls.
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