MANGINA – Reclaimed & Redefined

VDayPetaluma logoV-Day Petaluma events were an inspiration for many a conversation this year, including letters to editor and guest commentaries in area publications.  More often than not, dialog was constructive and motivating.  On a rare occasion it became a bit confrontational.  Nevertheless, there was opportunity for a positive outcome.

An example of such an opportunity … at the local yacht club one evening, Thom Butler, a dedicated V-Day Petaluma volunteer since 2009, attempted to initiate a conversation about The Vagina Monologues with another Petaluma resident.  Unfortunately, Thom was not only shoved (no matter who is involved, such physical violence is unnecessary) by the individual’s associate, but also referred to as a “Mangina” by the man he was speaking to, with the intent of being derogatory.

Up until now, many of us were unaware of this term’s existence.  While we very much liked the sound of it, we felt the definition didn’t do it justice.  That being the case, V-Day Petaluma has chosen to reclaim and redefine mangina.

 Manginaan individual of the male species who embodies the spirit of equality and empowerment and assists in the effort to end violence against women and girls.

M.ManginaThom, for your dedication to V-Day Petaluma and respect of all females, we have chosen you for our newly recognized 2013 MANGINA Award!

We wish to acknowledge and recognize Joe Manthey for bringing mangina to our attention, giving us the opportunity to raise it to a higher level.

About One Billion Rising North Bay

A grassroots movement to raise awareness to end violence against women and girls.
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2 Responses to MANGINA – Reclaimed & Redefined

  1. Ronda Black says:

    Fricken fantastic! Love this piece! Look forward to all the Mangina’s being recognized! Have a great weekend! Xo Ronda

  2. Well put Trisha…….congrats Thom Butler for standing up for us………you’re my hero!!!

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