Smart Move, UC Berkeley!

Cal Consent Campaign Posters Remind You Halloween Costumes Aren’t An Excuse To Be Rapey

by Tyler Kingkaide

A student-driven campaign at the University of California-Berkeley is reminding people on campus that no matter how revealing a Halloween costume might be, it’s not an invitation to skip out on consent when it comes to sex.

The Cal Consent Campaign placed several posters last week in sororities, co-operative housing, heavily trafficked class buildings on campus and in some local businesses. The posters show young people of both genders with phrases like “My costume is not my consent” and “My dress is not a yes.”

The campaign is done with the backing of the Associated Students of the University of California and DeeJay Pepito, the student president, who ran on a platform of addressing sexual violence on campus.

“Our goal is to bring awareness and promote the importance of consent and safety,” Pepito wrote on Facebook.

The posters will remain on display this week through Halloween.






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A grassroots movement to raise awareness to end violence against women and girls.
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