Event Highlights

Below is a list of highlights for each hour of the event:

({}) Noon hour:

DJ Val
Rise-Dance-Disrupt” monologue – Dianna Grayer
Debbie Ternes – Speaker; Surviving intimate partner violence and thriving
Josie Sanguinetti – Speaker; The self-assured stance we can take as we move through our daily lives that can prevent us from become victims

({}) 1:00 hour:

DJ Val
Kimberly Ellis – Keynote Speaker, Women in Leadership & Politics
Sisters Rising
Call to activism

In addition, several local organizations that support women will be tabling during the whole event.


3 Responses to Event Highlights

  1. I want to come dance the dance.. does that begin at 3 and who is organizing it . Is the end going to be different like in the city yesterday

    • Denise, there will be a walk and dance on the Golden Gate Bridge at 8:00am. This will be followed by a walk and dance in downtown Petaluma at noon. And, finally, an indoor event in Santa Rosa that will incorporate dance, drumming, speakers, etc. We’ll be sending out a final blog post reminder within the hour.

    • Santa Rosa event officially begins 3:00pm; doors open 2:30pm

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